Under Counter Dishwasher

Laundry, Under Counter Dishwasher, Electrolux Laundry 400137
Electrolux Laundry 400137

Main Features
· Built-in atmospheric boiler sized to raise incoming
50 °C water to 84 °C minimum for sanitizing rinse.
No external booster is required.
· Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial
and continuous cycle loading for perfect result
while minimizing service and maintenance needs.
· Constant temperature of 84 °C thoughout the
rinsing cycle regardless of the network's water
pressure and temperature.
· Unique temperature interlock guarantees required
temperatures in both the wash and final rinse.
· Washing capacity of 40 baskets or 720 dishes per
· 90/120/240 seconds cycle.
· Incorporated Soft Start feature to offer additional
protection to more delicate items.
· High efficiency air gap (class A) in water inlet circuit
to avoid water being siphoned back into the
network as a result of a sudden drop in main
· 4 second (variable) pause after washing and
before rinsing ensures that no drops of unclean
water will fall on the clean items at the end of the
rinsing cycle.
· Fault auto-diagnosis system.
· An effective rinse system uses only 3 litres of clean
hot water per basket for lower running costs.
· Utilizes fresh hot rinse water.
· Green light of "WASH SAFE CONTROL" confirms
that items have been rinsed properly.
· Low noise level.
· IPX 4 water protection.
· State-of-the-art electronic controls with built-in
programming, self-diagnostics for serviceability
and automatic interior self-cleaning cycle.
· Digital read-out keeps

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Laundry, Under Counter Dishwasher, Electrolux 400074
Electrolux 400074

Every commercial kitchen needs a Dishwasher, so why not get one that not only comes with a drain pump but also a detergent dispenser.
The rinse system inside this Dishwasher is extremely effective - it only uses 3 litres of clean hot water per basket which allows for lower running costs!
Features such as the unique temperature lock, a soft start option for the more delicate items and state of the art electronic controls all make this an efficient and easy to use Dishwasher.

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Laundry, Under Counter Dishwasher, Electrolux 502056 MARINE UNIT
Electrolux 502056 MARINE UNIT

Undercounter dishwasher,
double skin, insulated with
atmospheric boiler, drain
pump, detergent dispenser,
wash safe control and
USPH, 540d/h (MARINE)

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