Toasters Conveyor

Prime Cooking Electric, Toasters Conveyor, Dualit DCT2i (80210)
Dualit DCT2i (80210)

The 2 slice energy saving conveyor toaster produces up to 360 slices an hour and uses unique thermostatically controlled elements to maintain the toasting temperature by cycling on and off when the toaster is idle. This feature saves up to 20% on energy consumption so is ideal in situations where toasting may not be continuous but you don’t want to power down the toaster to ‘stand by’ mode.

Radiant Quartz Red Heat quick start-up elements (5-10 minutes warm up time)
Easy to use control panel
Thermostatically controlled elements saves up to 20% energy when the conveyor is in an idle period
Element selector; use either both elements (for toast) or top only for bagels and buns (max 30mm thick)
Variable browning control
Override safety cut-out
Power saver switch saves up to 75% power consumption in stand-by mode
Safe load-up area
Heated holding area to keep toast warm
Removable crumb tray
Cool-to-touch exterior chassis

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Prime Cooking Electric, Toasters Conveyor, Lincat CT1
Lincat CT1

High output from a compact unit, ideally suited to breakfast bars. Conveyor speed and upper/lower elements are adjustable. Individually controlled elements for one sided toasting of teackaes, burger buns and other products. Toasts two slices of bread side by side to maximise output.

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Prime Cooking Electric, Toasters Conveyor, Metcalfe Roband ST500A
Metcalfe Roband ST500A

Roband ST500A Sycloid Toaster
Cleverly designed Sycloid motion indexes bread through the machine, achieving outstanding toasting results.
Brushed stainless steel exterior
Safe external touch temperatures
Durable stainless steel elements
Warm toast chute
Slide out crumb tray
Adjustable speed control
Up to 500 slices per hour
Dimensions 410w x 598d x 422h
Rating 13A

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