Thaw Cabinet

Electrolux (1 Year P&L) 725150

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Commercial Refrigeration, Thaw Cabinet, Foster CT75KG  17-178
Foster CT75KG 17-178

Features & Benefits
Thaws food safely from frozen to 1/4ºC in approximately 7 hours (depending on food types, thickness etc.)
Alternatives between circulating gentle heat and cool air via special ducting, so ensuring an even speedy and safe thaw
Easy programme selection - menu driven touch panel lets you simply select the programme to start
Thaw food safely from -18/-21 C to +1/+4 C

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Commercial Refrigeration, Thaw Cabinet, Williams S1OT-SS
Williams S1OT-SS

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the bakery sector, the Crystal CT1 can hold up to twenty 18’X30’ bakery trays. Packed with energy saving technology, it operates efficiently in even the busiest environments.
Energy saving controller ensures excellent temperature control and easy-to-manage operation in the busiest of environments
Designed for effective operation to high ambient 43°C environments
Construction includes 75mm polyurethane insulation with zero ODP and low GWP and provides excellent thermal efficiency
Self-closing doors fitted with easy to clean, replaceable magnetic balloon gaskets
Our bakery refrigeration is delivered to site with heavy duty, non-marking swivel castors with brakes and is designed to fit through a standard door for ease of positioning

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