Miscellaneous, Sterilisers, IMC F63/900 IMClean UV Confidence Box
IMC F63/900 IMClean UV Confidence Box

- Give your customers increased confidence in your service.
- UV-C kills bacteria and viruses on exposed surfaces in just 30 seconds.
- Great for hospitality, retail and healthcare. Suitable for a wide range of products from cutlery, to shoes, to mobile phones.
- Pass through design. All operation is from the server side, there is no need for your customer to touch the unit, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses.
- Top, side and base UV lamps maximise exposure to the surfaces of objects placed in the unit.
- Safety interlock doors, the UV lamps will only switch on when the doors are closed.
- At the end of the cycle the lights in the cabinet go green and audible feedback is given.
- 4 x high powered UV-C lamps.

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