Service Trolleys

Servery Display, Service Trolleys, Electrolux Libero 351068
Electrolux Libero 351068

Can accommodate up to two HP electric table top appliances. Heavy duty stainless steel construction. Two integrated stainless steel refrigerated drawers with independent regulation allowing a temperature range between 0 and +10°C at an ambient temperature of 25°C with 50% humidity level, no drain required. Integrated radial fan (variable speed) ventilation system that reduces cooking odours from the cooking surfaces of the table top appliances. Air is filtered through the top of the appliance and released at the base. The self-contained air-filtration system is equipped with 3 filters, a dishwasher safe mechanical filter with a fine-meshed metal filter and a carbon activated filter. Large glass top suited for placing dishes to serve customers. Electrical plugs protected by covering plates. Side supports each holding n.2 GN 1/9 containers. Mounted on 4 swivelling wheels (two with brake). Rounded edges and smooth surfaces for easier cleaning. Cord and plug included. Optional accessories: drawers, tilting side shelves, GN container support for refrigerated drawers and customized front panels can be ordered on request.

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