Grills Heavy Duty Electric

Prime Cooking Electric, Grills Heavy Duty Electric, Blue Seal E91B
Blue Seal E91B

•900mm electric salamander
•2 x 3kW infrared elements
•Four position racking (flat or inclined)
•Branding plate
•Left and right heat controls
•Monocoque construction
•Suitable for bench or wall mounting
•Removable base for Easy clean, installation and service

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Prime Cooking Electric, Grills Heavy Duty Electric, Falcon Chieftain E2522
Falcon Chieftain E2522

With two powerful elements, twin heat control and variable brander height, the E2522 has been designed to perform in the busiest of kitchen environments.

Features two independent high power elements.
Energy efficient as you don't have to use entire grilling compartment every time.
Five position shelf runners.
Offers flexibility to cook variety of food.
Reversible, closed rib brander.
Simply turn over and use during busy service periods.
Removable drip tray.
Catches fats, juices and debris, making cleaning easier.

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