Commercial Refrigeration, Fridge/Freezer, Foster EP700HL FRIDGE/FREEZER

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Commercial Refrigeration, Fridge/Freezer, Lec Medical LSFC263UK SKU 10676
Lec Medical LSFC263UK SKU 10676

Operating Temperature Range of +2°C to +10°C for Fridge and -18°C to -25°C for Freezer
Desired temperature can be set by the user
NEW Advanced Controller
Records temperatures accurate to 0.1°C
NEW Unique Anti Microbial Handle
Helps prevent the growth of bacteria and minimise the potential for cross contamination
2 Fitted Locks as Standard (one on fridge, one on freezer)
Maintains security and ensures the unit can only be accessed by approved personnel
Fitted Rollers
For ease of movement
Wire Shelves
Enables optimum air flow inside unit

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