Fly Killer

Miscellaneous, Fly Killer, Mechline CZPEPAT20S
Mechline CZPEPAT20S

Dimensions (mm): 256(H) x 288(W) x 105(D)
Casing Finish: Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.56 Kg
Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz
*Bulb: 1 x 13W E27
Range of Action: 40-60 Sq M

A carriage charge will apply

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Miscellaneous, Fly Killer, Mechline CZPEPAT40S
Mechline CZPEPAT40S

No ballasts required - saving 10W per bulb. No starters -
very reliable & more energy-efficient design
• Stainless steel casings - very lightweight & durable
• Can be suspended, stood on its base or fixed to wall for
easy installation
• Powerful, electric grids are efficient & powerful, killing flying
insects instantly with non-clogging grids - easy to clean &

Easy, removable catchment tray

• CE certified; conforming to EU standards

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Miscellaneous, Fly Killer, Mechline M701
Mechline M701

This item is made of Aluminium, appropriate for use in areas where food is produced, and a plexiglass (PMMA) sealed lamp holder, which is transparent to the UV-A radiation of the lamps. In case of breakage, the shatter proof lamps avoid any possible contamination of nearby appliances or surfaces.

The two UV-A 15 Watt lamps mounted on hermetic lamp holder, are equipped with an unbreakable sheath to protect the tube. The special UV-A lamps are set to attract all flying insects to the appliance. When insects approach they remain stuck on the glued paper supplied as a spare part. This appliance allows the monitoring and capturing of all flying insects within the environment nearby.

This item is IMQ approved for the IP65 class and conforms to CE standards.

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