Drying Cabinet

Laundry, Drying Cabinet, Electrolux Laundry TS560  988703224
Electrolux Laundry TS560 988703224

A drying cabinet is used to efficiently dry bulky or sensitive items
• No mechanical action - suitable for all kinds of garments such as
gloves, shoes and delicate garments like silk and linen
• Extended lifetime of sensitive garments/work wear
• Time saving when used instead of flat or hang drying
• Ergonomic design - user friendly positioning of door handle and control
panel, suitable for disabled users
• Safety:
- Option of activating child safety start lock
- Magnetic edge of doors eliminates risk of children being locked in
• Door circuit breaker which interrupts the drying process when the door is
• Insulated doors for quiet operation and robust design
• Easy operation:
- 2 automatic drying programs will stop once the load is dry
- 30 extensible hangers for easy loading/unloading
• Flexible installation:
- Adjustable feet
- Reversible door - left or right hanging

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