Contact Griddle

Prime Cooking Electric, Contact Griddle, Electrolux (1 Year P&L) 603918
Electrolux (1 Year P&L) 603918

Main Features
· It combines 3 cooking technologies: contact,
infrared radiation and microwaves to provide
perfectly cooked food, heated to the core.
· Self adjusting ribbed upper plate to heat food
adapting to its thickness.
· The Energy Saving Mode automatically switches
to stand-by after an amount of time settled by the
operator (from 1 to 60 minutes).
· Delivered with USB port and wi-fi connection to
optimize workflows allowing local and remote
inteaction (temperatures, countdowns, warnings).
· Electronic control with digital 4.3'' LED display with
adjustable brightness.
· Countdown display and buzzer with adjustable
volume at the end of the cycle.
· 8 programs selectable on the display.
The 8 programs can be adjusted by the user. The
programmable parameters are:
-top plate temperature
-bottom plate temperature
-total duration of each cycle
-duration and distribution of microwaves within
each cycle.
· Automatic mechanical lid holding and opening
system controlled.
· IPX4 water resistance certification.
· Ergonomic handle for easy movement of the lid.
· Compliant with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and
its amendments, Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006
and its amendments.
· 8 pre-loaded programs (editable):
-P1 = 70 sec. (12 sec. MW)
-P2 = 80 sec. (12 sec. MW)
-P3 = 70 sec. (25 sec. MW)
-P4 = 75 sec. (28 sec. MW)
-P5 = 85 sec. (38 sec. MW)
-P6 = 90 sec. (30 sec. MW)
-P7 = 48 sec. (42 sec. MW)
-P8 = 12 sec. (no MW).
With Top temperature

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