Food Preparation, Chippers, IMC F61/220 PC2
IMC F61/220 PC2

- Ultra-fast operation - 25kg of chips per minute with minimal waste
- Interchangeable knife and scallop blocks for choice of chip size. Knife block sold separately
- Interlocks for operator safety
- Easy-to-load hopper
- Easy-to-clean

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Food Preparation, Chippers, Metcalfe EC12
Metcalfe EC12

High Volume Chipper

Production capacity of up to 25kgs of chips per minute, with minimum waste

Hopper load of 12kgs

Interchangeable knife assembly offers a choice of four chip sizes and one scallop size: 8 x 8mm, 12 x 12mm, 14 x 14mm, 14 x 17mm and 8mm scallop

If you require an additional cutting configuration please order an additional blade assembly/complete knife block

Rust proof stainless steel construction allows easy maintenance, cleaning and high standards of hygiene

No tooling required to dismantle machine or change blades

Fully interlocked and safeguarded with no-volt release to prevent automatic restart in the event of an interruption in power supply

Powerful 0.25hp (0.18kw) belt drive motor

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Food Preparation, Chippers, Metcalfe HPC detachable block chipper (Chassis only) (5HC10)
Metcalfe HPC detachable block chipper (Chassis only) (5HC10)

- Removable bottom knife frame as well as removable upper block for easy and thorough cleaning
- Stainless steel knives are easily replaceable
- Heavy duty chromium plated spring
- Double roller action for easy operation
- Chromium plated handle for lasting wear
- White acrylic enamel finish
- Easy release knob for upper chipping head
- Bench and floor mounting stands are available

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