Commercial Refrigeration, Fridges Single Door, Gram ECO TWIN K 82 LAG C1 4N
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Gram ECO TWIN K 82 LAG C1 4N Fridges Single Door

Height 2100 (mm)
Width 820 (mm)
Depth 785 (mm)
Warranty 5 Years Parts & Labour
List Price Please call us for best prices on 01432 359 906

With an energy consumption of 344 kWh/year (Energy test Ecodesign) the ECO TWIN K 82
ranks in energy class B.
The Ecodesign test method records the 24 hour energy consumption and multiplies it by 365 to
get the annual energy consumption (AEC). The 24 hour consumption is calculated from 2 test
periods of 12 hours each. The first period has sequences of door openings while the second is
a stabilization period with closed door.
These new cabinets combine stylish design with high functionality and low energy
• The controls are concealed behind the top panel, protected against splashing water.
• Design principle of "no broken surfaces" makes the cabinets easy to clean.
• The distinctive aluminum profiles stretching from top to bottom on both sides of the cabinet
impart strength and enhance appearance.
• The modular rails can go directly in the dishwasher
• Pedal opener with finesse - read more in the brochure.
ECO TWIN is suitable for the wide 2/1 GN system where 2 pcs. 1/1 GN pans can be placed
side by side on the shelves.

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